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TraWELL Group UK

TraWELL Group UK is our digital platform prepared for individuals or organizations that request end-to-end consultancy services to companies that want to work in the field of health tourism. Our vision is to make a difference with our digital and technological infrastructure works apart from traditional classical intermediary companies and conventional methods in the health tourism sector.

  • Establishment of national or international health tourism infrastructures in health facilities
  • Patient transfers from abroad within the scope of health tourism services of countries.
  • Patient transfer services from any country to any country
  • International congress, symposium, conference, and fair organization in the field of health tourism
  • Organization of B2B or B2C sectoral meetings for healthcare facilities
  • Promotion activities on behalf of healthcare facilities abroad, especially in England, Germany and the Netherlands within the scope of health tourism
  • Interpretation and mediation service in 52 languages ​​approved by UK authorities.


Dentist4You has been established in UK and started as a brand-new dental tourism facilitator. Since then, we contracted with many superbly equipped dental clinics which are offering an immense range of services from general and cosmetic dentistry to high-end specialist dental treatments.

Aa a dental tourism facilitator we assists individuals in organizing and coordinating dental treatments and travel arrangements in a foreign country. We act as intermediaries between patients seeking affordable dental care and dental clinics or practitioners located in countries that offer competitive pricing with high quality services for dental procedures. Our role includes the following services:

  • Researching and Recommending Dental Clinics
  • Treatment Planning
  • Cost Estimates
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Coordination and Communication between the patient and the dental clinic.
  • Language Assistance for international patients during dental treatments in a foreign country.
  • Post-Treatment Support to ensure the patient’s satisfaction and address any concerns that may arise.

Vision Surgeon

As an eye surgery medical tourism facilitator, Vision surgeon is a service provider that assists individuals in arranging and organizing eye surgeries or ophthalmic procedures in a foreign country. These facilitators act as intermediaries between patients seeking specialized eye care and reputable eye surgery centers or ophthalmologists located in countries known for offering high-quality eye treatments at competitive prices.

Additionally, patients should carefully consider the risks and benefits of traveling abroad for eye surgery. Eye health is delicate, and follow-up care and communication with the surgeon after returning home are vital for successful outcomes. Therefore, patients should ensure that the facilitator provides adequate post-operative support and can collaborate effectively with their local ophthalmologist for long-term care.


Get Second Opinion

Second opinion companies play a significant role in healthcare by offering specialized services to patients seeking additional insights and expertise beyond their primary healthcare providers. As a second opinion company we often operate online or through telemedicine platforms, making it easier for patients, especially those in remote areas or from different countries, to access specialized medical expertise without the need for travel.

As a second opinion providers company our primary role includes:

  • Facilitating Access to Specialists
  • Providing Unbiased and Independent Assessments
  • Confirming or Refuting Diagnoses.
  • Evaluating Treatment Options
  • Enhancing Patient Empowerment
  • Reducing Medical Errors
  • Supporting International Patients

We are not meant to replace primary healthcare providers but to complement their services. Our goal is to work collaboratively with the patient’s existing medical team to enhance the overall quality of care and achieve the best possible health outcomes.


Destination Aesthetica

We Offer Reliable and Affordable Aesthetic Treatments

An impeccable appearance often fuels self-confidence, empowering individuals to excel in both their personal and professional lives. Our professional medical team can provide life-altering solutions tailored to individuals’ unique needs. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality, safe, and seamless services, while crafting narratives of successful aesthetic transformations.


QHA Trent Accreditation

Above all, the QHA Trent accreditation certificate is the most important accreditation certificate for the post-BREXIT period.

QHA Trent is an organization that aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care globally. The easiest and most reliable way to improve your institution’s healthcare services is to accredit your healthcare facility to meet our standards.

Health facilities that work with QHA Trent and which are found suitable according to our criteria are rewarded with an accreditation certificate and other accredited health facilities become part of our organization. All QHA Trent accredited healthcare facilities offer the highest possible quality of service to meet the commitment to provide patient-safe care.


Specialist Doctors’ Registration to the GMC-UK (SDRUK)

Specialist Doctors’ Registration to the GMC-UK (SDRUK) is an independent advisory service provider for medical doctors and specialists who wish to register in the UK over General Medical Council (GMC).

SDRUK also advises doctors on employment and NHS contracts. SDRUK is an independent private service provider for overseas doctors and not affiliated with any medical regulator body.

SDRUK’s headquarters are based in South Wales. Several of our experts are also ready to deal with other matters of doctors and their commercial practices, across the UK from finding NHS posts to accommodation.

SDRUK is made up of a team of specialist and special advisors who have represented many doctors and other healthcare practitioners in fitness to practice proceedings over the past decade.


TADIV Saglik

TADIV Saglik together with DHTLtd has started to work in order to ensure that the citizens of Azerbaijan can access the best health service in the easiest way when they need it. Hospitals in Turkey, both Azerbaijani citizens resides in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani citizens living in Turkey or in another country will be able to receive health services in the most effective and safe way.